It might come as a surprise but we don't deliver trainings.
I mean, we……


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Our clients

We work mostly with big companies, that are market leaders. And we are very proud with our clients.

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A few words about training:

It might come as a surprise but we don't deliver trainings. I mean we don't deliver trainings the way many training companies do. This is the main reason, why clients come to us when they really need to build a proper system of work for their employees and implement new instruments of work and not just tick a programme in a training plan. That's why our training participants mention that there are trainings and there are GLOBALPAS trainings.

Tatiana Kuznetsova,
Managing Partner


We don't just train, we reach specific goals set by our clients. We never do it by pieces, we do it in a system way. 
If there is room for improvement, there is room for a clear and properly implemented system with instruments that work, bring results and make difference. Every training objective set by our clients is achieved in exactly this system way. 

When our clients need to raise sales, we implement a proper sales system; when it's about people management, we implement a proper people management system in a company. In our case training is just an instrument that allows us to convey clear and properly structured work standards and methods to company employees. All methods and tools they get, are previously prepared and agreed on with our clients.

While training our trainers deliver clear system of work to every participant. Once trainers have structured all the theoretical material properly and very much in detail, practical exercises follow. That’s why in GLOBALPAS trainings one will find only 30% of well-structured theory and 70% of practice.
In theoretical part we got rid of well-named, but hard-to-use principles and rules, that’s why we have only clear, simple and working instruments left. The latter were thousand times tested in the field together with our clients and proved their efficiency every time. In practical part we analyse and find practical solutions to the most difficult cases, which participants meet in real work. Training participants continue practical exercises until a concrete skill is developed.

We start preparation long before any training. Training materials go through significant customization; every detail, method and instrument that should be implemented, are prepared together with our clients.
Every training is followed up by on the job exercises so that participants can start implementation once the training is finished.

Areas of specialization:

We provide more than 50 programmes within 9 areas of our specialization:

1. Programmes for Managers
2. Special Programmes for Top Managers
3. Business Simulations for Top Managers
4. Wholesales and B2B Sales
5. Retail Sales and Customer Service
6. Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing
7. Programmes for producers and dealers of agricultural and special machines
8. Team Building
9. Self-Effectiveness

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