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A company is a live organism. It is based on people. And it is extremely important to…

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We work mostly with big companies, that are market leaders. And we are very proud with our clients.

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A few words about assessment:

A company is a live organism. It is based on people. And it is extremely important to understand how healthy this organism is. That's why it is necessary to monitor such indicators as value of people to the company, level of their motivation, climate in the company and collaboration between employees, level of trust between them and their willigness to work together as a real team, reaching company goals. To measure all these indicators we have created a wide range of methods and instruments that allow our clients to get a very clear picture of their company «health» level.

Svetlana Petrukhina,
Managing Partner


Employees' motivation, their level of satisfaction with their work and collaboration with collegues are very important factors that our clients would like to influence. Normally, employees do not express their attitude to these factors, because they are afraid of negative consequences. That's why company management does not have real understanding of the current motivation level of their team. In order to get it our clients order anonymous surveys during which we assess the above mentioned factors and indicators. Employees know us by reputation and are sure that 100 % confidentiality is guaranteed to them. As a result, they trust us with very honest answers, and their managers get very clear and quite objective picture of the team's satisfaction with a number of factors in their work.

To see how healthy the company climate is, we use a special tool called 360 degrees assessment. During this kind of assessment every employee is assessed by colleagues on such parameters as flexibility, team work, ability to solve conflicts, leadership, etc. Every participant of this process can rely on us and share their opinion. Once 360 degrees assessment is done, together with our client we plan different events that help us change the climate significantly. For example, there are many training programmes that help people improve their communication, leadership, team work and many other skills.

Planning career development our clients have questions to ask: Will employees be as successful in their new positions as they have been in previous ones? If they make a wrong decision , they will loose a valuable employee. To minimaze such fatal mistakes they ask us to measure competences level of promotion nominees. To assess competences level we use another special tool called Assessment Centre. To use this tool properly we continue creating special business cases that we can apply both to employees that are being promoted and candidates that would like to become part of the team.

Once Assessment Centre results are ready, the employer has a clear understanding whether this person will cope with new tasks and responsibilities. At the same time employees are able to see both their strong skills and room for improvement. They also get very concrete recommendations on trainings and tools for further development.

The list of competences that are assessed during Assessment Centre:

  1. Communication
  2. Resources Management
  3. Strategic Thinking
  4. Analitical Thinking
  5. Taking Responsibility
  6. Result Orientation
  7. Change Management
  8. Desire to Develop
  9. Team Work
  10. Leadership
  11. Diligence

To find out more about our assessment instruments, just call or e-mail us.