About us

What is GLOBALPAS? What are we here for?
We hear these questions very often.
The answer is simple.

GLOBALPAS is a team of professionals deeply committed to what they do. Every day we provide solutions in training, recruiting, assessment and also business systematization for clients in different business sectors. When running every project we do our best to provide the top quality.

GLOBALPAS top quality is not just a corporate standard; it is the core philosophy of our work shared by every member of our team. We don’t just provide HR solutions, we help our clients run their businesses smoothly, manage people more effectively, sell much more successfully, provide better customer support and produce goods of higher quality.

To ensure this top quality in every single project, we do not address other companies or free-lance specialists. Every tool, method, service or solution we provide is a result of GLOBALPAS team hard work. The only exception we make for our European partners – companies renowned for their worldwide-acknowledged expertise. We help them to customize the best European solutions to our market specifics.

We apply and implement all our methods and tools in GLOBALPAS work as well. And only when we are 100% sure that these methods do work and do bring proper results, we offer them to our clients.

We pay very special attention to professional level and skills of our employees. GLOBALPAS team members have gained their professional experience in Russian and international companies both in Russia and abroad. We have built our unique corporate culture, and our employees are proud to be part of GLOBALPAS team and share our key corporate values – teamwork, integrity, professionalism and quality in everything we do.

We are strongly committed to what we do. Even though we are constantly busy with work, every project is the only one and key for us. A word of thanks that we hear from our clients once a project is finished, is an enormous value for us.

We do our best not only to meet market needs and clients’ expectations, but also to exceed them significantly. That’s why we persistently study state-of-the-art practices of the world’s leading companies and share experience with our European partners. With this in mind we create unique system solutions and develop new products that help our clients to become effective and successful.

Every so often our clients mention that for them GLOBALPAS is a synonym of such concepts as system, effectiveness and quality. We are glad that using our methods many companies develop into much more efficient and competitive businesses, that they recommend us to their colleagues and partners and come back to us over and over again, and we can see their achievements and share their success. We are very proud that providing HR solutions during 10 years we have built a professional business partnership with every client.

Welcome to the GLOBALPAS world!